Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emergency Pizza!

Mostly "emergency pizza" is just a dramatic name. One of the kids wanted pizza, and I had all the fixings, but I didn't feel like mixing dough. I don't mind kneading and rolling and shaping dough, but getting from powder and liquid to the dough lump is a process I dislike. If I can, I have the breadmaker or handmixer do the work.

Anyway, the emergency pizza is a flour tortilla, ketchup, cheese (any kind) and whatever toppings are handy, usually pepperoni. I try to make sure that all of the slices have exactly the same number of pepperoni slices or sausage crumbs or whatever, or I'll hear about it.

The tortilla is what's called "burrito size" in the stores, so it's a good 10 inches across. Ketchup is what the kids prefer, but they're slowly getting used to pizza sauce with actual flavor, as long as the pepperonis are there.

I described all this to a buddy at work, and he said that, technically, I'm making pepperoni quesadillas. I conceded that he had a point.

Until! I went to La Diosa Cellars as part of the First Friday Art Trail. I had the Pizza Barcelona, which was essentially a whole wheat tortilla covered with cheese, chicken, and tomatoes.

So there.

p.s. - frozen individual pepperoni slices are a tempting, heavenly snack. Very very good, and very very bad for you.

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