Monday, May 25, 2009

easy barbecue sauce

one can enchilada sauce
about half a can of ketchup.

What's going on here?
Shoot, just look at the ingredients.  Then find those obsessive posts about the perfect barbecue sauce. Except for the whiskey and coffee, which should be going into you anyway, there's not a hair's difference.

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mombueno said...

For making sauces it's; what's open in the fridge? and what's in the cupboard? to go with, and last but never least, who can't eat what? Variables to live by.
If you buy "chilli" sauces & salsas sans vinegar & sugar, you can mix and match and create Mexican, Chinese, or mimic most spicy or hot cuisines. I too use the ketchup and sauce mix & add extra spices as needed to get the blend to where it works for us.